Soft Infrastructures &

Performative Geometries

Rice Visionary Design Project 2007

Core Studio IV, Spring 2007, Rice University / Critics: Chris Hight & Michael Robinson
(in collaboration with Nkiru Mokwe)

Our proposal acts as an intervention in the Galveston coastal environment by reconfiguring coastal relationships between existing infrastructure, occupied landscapes, and the wave environment. On the edge of a disappearing Galveston coastline, a field of buoyant components generate a cellular infrastructure to support an inhabitable floating terrain. Contrary to existing coastal development, a shifting malleable system accepts the fluid dynamism imposed by the long shore current, reflecting conditions of ebb and flow onto a fluctuating surface.

The floating terrain is a unique experience and public landscape linked to Galveston across the sea wall and presents and opportunity to the coastal engineering field as a research base and testing platform for future models of development.