OVNI (Objet Volant Non-Identifie):

Massy-Palaiseau Train Station

Margaret Everson Fossi Award 2008 (1st place)

Paris Studio, Fall 2007, Rice University / Critic: John Casbarian & J. Kent Fitzsimmons
(in collaboration with W. Amanda Chin)

For the Massy-Palaiseau transportation center, we are proposing an architecture which bridges the rail bed, while simultaneously occupying it. As such, we are interested in the dichotomy that exists on the site between the grain of the transportation lines and the cross-grain of a bridging element which reconnects the two sides of Massy-Palaiseau. The project follows a similar juxtaposition of opposites in order to create a station that addresses the connection of the urban fabric and the needs of its inhabitants/users. The project intends to emphasize the clear interaction between the inherent grain and a potential cross-grain.

Due to the differing nature of the two sides of the site, the station addresses the urban fabric in opposing manners. At the southeast side, which sits upon a prospective commercial district, the station responds by presenting a commercial-scale front to maintain its importance in the urban fabric. Alternately, the northwest side of the tracks is occupied by mostly residential complexes and smaller single family units. Thus, this area interacts in a more subtle way, blending into the ground, creating an urban plaza that spans out to converge and interact more directly with the surrounding fabric.