ChinaLab Global Charrette 2.0

2-Day Charrette Competition Winner (1st place)
(in collaboration with Matthew Crnkovich, Quyen Ma, and Peter Stanley)

Lift/Tuck was completed as part of a two day design charrette. The design was intended to address many of the pitfalls of high density housing projects in China and Hong Kong. The scheme reconfigures the tower/podium relationship in order to create a shared landscape between the two typologies. By carving away from a block, a main promenade is developed between larger housing blocks.

Sections of the building were lifted from the ground plane to create ground level public space on the site. These spaces would be gathering places for residents and visitors alike; used for concerts, markets, movies, beauty pageants, political gatherings, trade shows, and more. Residential units collect at the corner towers. Local retail clings to the residential towers and destination retail pushes towards the exterior. The bi-level residential units lock into each other and their relationship and configuration registers on the exterior of the towers.