MegaPodium MiniParadise

eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2010 (Special Mention)
D3 Housing Tomorrow Competition 2010 (Special Mention)

Option Studio, Spring 2008, Rice University / Critic: Clover Lee
(in collaboration with Richie Gelles)

The intent of Double-Stuffed was to implement a more suburban lifestyle into the dense vertical housing of Hong Kong. This was done in two ways. One, by breaking up the shared amenities typical of the tower/podium typology and distributing it directly to each living unit. This privatized the shared amenities, giving each unit and resident their own exterior space, something which is lacking from existing residential types.

The second method explored the distribution of amenities by atomizing the shopping spaces and attaching them directly to the living units. The home/storefront is much more common in Hong Kong, (e.g., the Chungking Mansions). These two typologies were then assembled into 'landscapes' which would interact with each other across a central void. Various public programs would pierce these 'landscapes' to connect the roof (which is open to various large scale programs) back to the street level.