ACSA Airport Competition

402 Studio, Spring 2006, University of New Mexico / Critics: Jarrod Arellano & Tim Castillo
(in collaboration with Charles Corn)

This airport proposal changes the relationship between the passengers and the airport. An open source system is often more secure due to transparency and understanding by those that use it. If the system is understandable to all that use it, security fixes can be more easily identified and fixed (providing for long-term adaptability). A system that relies on secrecy fails poorly if that secret is known. As such, this concept attempts to demystify and illuminate the systems behind the airport, and create an understanding of those systems. This creates a scenario in the airport where passengers also play a role in securing the airport.

The main security goal was to protect the aircraft from attack. As such, our security concept focused on scanning the individual and their baggage, while implementing the security solution in a fluid, non-invasive manner. This dictated a certain reliance on technology, however the best security systems donít have single points of failure. As such, our security concept emphasized several key ideas: defense in depth, fluid transitions, transparency, and an emphasis on people.